6 ways to restore balance in a codependent relationship



A codependent relationship is an unbalanced one. Where one partner is clinging and constantly needs support and reassurance, the other partner is always having to be the hero, the giver, and sometimes the enabler.

Codependent relationships are more common than you think and more toxic as well.

Here’s how to restore balance if you happen to find yourself in one.

1. Validate your own feelings

When your happiness relies on your partner, you’ll never be satisfied. To correct this imbalance in your relationship, it’s important to change your focus. It’s easier to focus outward for validation. Looking inward and seeking inner peace by focusing on yourself will help you to be confident enough to be able to validate your own feelings.

2. Be comfortable with saying no

Codependent partners always seek guidance from others. They can make people feel responsible for their own choices. If you find yourself constantly making decisions for your partner and constantly having to give them what they want, that’s called unhealthy helping. Naturally, it makes you feel important, but it can also make you feel drained. This unhealthy helping is detrimental to your partner’s growth.

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