8 reasons you should start eating red bananas



We all have had yellow banana in our life, but have you ever tried red banana? It is less popular and is much sweeter than the regular yellow banana.

They also have a nice aroma, somewhat like berries. According to health experts, they are way healthier than a regular banana and have a different nutritional profile.

It is considered as an ideal addition to your daily diet because of its amazing health benefits. You must eat red bananas only when fully ripe or else they will taste chalky and dry and will not have any taste.
This piece of information talks about the health benefits of red banana that will surely excite you to try it and see the results. So, are you ready? Check out below!

1. Effective in weight loss

If you don’t know red banana carries lesser calories as compared to other fruits. It is rich in fibre and can keep you full for a longer time. One red banana carries 90 calories, good carbohydrates and fibre that can be easily broken down.

2. Beneficial for kidneys

It’s the potassium content that helps control the formation of kidney stones. Interestingly, regular consumption of red banana helps in preventing heart disease and cancer. Also, calcium retention improves bone health.

3. Helps quit smoking

This might sound surprising, but yes, red bananas are helpful in controlling the consumption of nicotine. The presence of magnesium and potassium make it happen, as they are known to help cope up with the withdrawal symptoms after giving up nicotine. They provide you with instant energy and a sense of fulfilment as well.

4. Improves skin quality

Regular consumption of red banana clears the pore of skin and its application as a skin mask helps in keeping the skin tight and elastic. The 75 percent water content and antioxidants altogether hydrate the skin and prevent it from drying and peeling off.

5. Blood purifier

Red banana contains Vitamin B-6 that improves the quality of blood and haemoglobin count as well. It also aids in the transformation of tryptophan to serotonin. According to experts, those suffering from anaemia should consume 2 to 3 bananas every day to improve their RBC count.

6. Good for hair

Red banana is known for controlling dandruff. During the winter season, it is suggested to use it as a hair mask along with coconut, sesame or almond oil to moisturize the hair. Practising this also helps control hair fall and dry hair.

7. Cure piles

We all know that banana is good for constipation and according to experts, piles are caused due to chronic constipation, thus bananas are helpful in curing piles as well. It is suggested to eat one red banana after lunch every day to improve digestion.

8. Stress buster

Red bananas are loaded with potassium that relaxes your heartbeat and also controls the body’s water stability during the times of stress. Health experts suggest eating one red banana every day.