How to deal with first time live-in relationship anxiety



Living with your partner can be a long time fantasy finally come true! After all, you would never have to say bye at night and can always share your favourite meals together in bed, watching binge-worthy series.

As much amazing as that sounds, a first-time live-in relationship can also bring in anxieties you never knew you had.

Sharing home space with someone else other than your family can be a new feeling. Hence, we bring to you some ways to deal with anxieties if you’re moving in with your partner for the first time.

1. Tell your partner what you’re feeling

The best and foremost way to deal with this is by communicating your feelings to your partner. Don’t hold back while telling your partner how anxious you are about moving in together. You also need to be clear that you’re not rethinking the decision, but just feeling the nerves, quite a bit.

2. Set some basic rules

This is something you and your partner should establish before you set foot in the house. If you have any questions about dividing household chores equally, getting groceries or doing some basic household stuff, then feel free to discuss it with your partner. Some ground rules will help keep the relationship healthy, devoid of any unnecesary troubles.

3. Healthy boundaries

Set some necessary boundaries about not invading each other’s personal space while living together. Even though you both will be living together, it’s important to not lose your individuality; you can enjoy your snacks in bed on a lazy afternoon every Thursday, rather than being with your partner all the time.

4. Don’t lose the excitements

Chances are more likely that the anxiety you feel are just butterflies in your stomach. It can be a dreamy affair to live with your partner together; waking up next to each other and getting ready for work will seem more lively and exciting than it usually is. If you’re feeling anxious, talking it out is the best way.

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