Highlights from Lasizwe and Mr Smeg’s lunch date



Lasizwe and Mr Smeg have finally concluded their lunch date.

The two have been trending on Twitter for hours now as they have been giving their fans updates of their date.

Early this morning, Lasizwe was nervous about the date but he was able to summon courage and get to the date.

Looking at things, Mr Smeg got to the location first as he shared a pictures stating he is waiting for his date.

He also went ahead to share some of the meals they had and pictures of his date while he ate.

Lasizwe on the other hand also gave his fans updates too.

Mr Smeg also tweeted that he had the best time of his life today as he thanks his fans for supporting him.

“I had the best time of life. all thanks to you . This the greatest gift from you , people that support me. Thank you so much. I love you My Smeg.”

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