4 alarming signs your partner is not over their ex



All relationships do not end at the altar. There might even be more relationships that failed to reach that landmark than relationships that do.

Point is, relationships end all the time. It’s part of the cycle that some of these relationship would end. And when they do, it is not the end of the world. One would have to dust it off and move on to the next.

However, some people never really dust off the memories of their exes, or get over the feeling of being with that person before trying to go be with someone else.

When you get with someone who has yet to move on from an ex; this is how you will know.

This is likely the most blatant pointer to the presence of residual feelings for an ex. When someone you are in a relationship with keep speaking about their ex and the things they had with them, it gets awkward and it’s often likely that they are still pining for him or her.

Imagine a partner talking about how better their ex was, right to your face. Crazy, right? It is both disrespectful for a partner to do this and it’s just as bad for them to insinuate that you are a level below that other person.

Although some people manage to remain friends with their exes and that may be acceptable by their partners depending on the nuances of the breakup and the present relationship. Regardless of this, having a partner talking to an ex so much when they are with you should actually bother you.

If someone constantly feels the need to defend their ex, specifically at times when their ex isn’t the center of conversation it could mean that they aren’t quite over them. If they won’t create and enforce boundaries when it comes to the ex, too, it is something to be bothered about.

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