6 sure ways to win your man’s heart forever



When it comes to men, contrary to popular belief that they will only commit when they want to. Most men don’t want to keep testing the waters forever.

At some point, a guy wants someone that will give him a reason to settle down and remain committed.

How then do you win a man’s heart? What can you do to keep a man? Here are the five useful and pragmatic tips on how to win a man’s heart forever.

1. Notice what he does and compliment him

When men do things around the house there are two purposes: one is to fix the problem, the second is to impress you. When your man fixes something, has he ever announced it or shown you? He’s looking for your approval. He wants to be your hero. If you want to win your man over, one of the best ways is to see what he does and tell him how amazing he is or how grateful you are for what he did.

2. Initiate sex

This can be a touchy subject. There are plenty of women who are dating men with low sex drives who consistently initiate sex only to get shut down by their man. However, almost every man love when their woman initiate sex or wished they would. It makes him feel connected to you and lets him know he is still desired.

3. Support and encourage their purpose

Something that is very important to men is that their lives have a purpose. That purpose can be tied to what they do for a career, but not always. Men need a mission. What is your man passionate about? What is his mission to accomplish? Nothing lifts a man’s spirit or confidence more than the support of a loving woman.

4. Stand up for him

There is nothing more demoralizing for a man than when he’s the butt of someone’s joke and his partner joins in the laughter. Or even worse, she is the one making fun of him. Yes, there are times when we should be able to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously. Affirm him. Let him know either privately or publicly in the moment that he measures up in your eyes.

5. Brag about him

Men want to know that they have what it takes. They want to know they have the manhood, competence, and wisdom to be the partner and provider you need and desire. Let your man know you believe in him and would choose him over any other man out there to be yours.

6. Cook for him

Every man loves a sexy cook. One of the useful tips on how to win a man’s heart forever is to cook for him. And it will be even better if you can prepare fantastic meals.

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