Easy and tasty chakalaka recipe you should try at home



Chakalaka recipe is a highly sought after treasure that unlocks the pleasures of a South African tasty delicacy that will leave you licking soup off your fingers.

Found among the black communities in South Africa, Chakalaka is a delicacy that should be celebrated by all.

It is quite common to find people who seek to learn how to make Chakalaka, understandably so because of its unique taste.

However, Chakalaka has no standard way of preparation, to the extent that it is possible to find a family that enjoys different flavors of Chakalaka every night depending on the person cooking.

Even with this, the ingredients used are the same. Here is the best chakalaka salad recipe.


  • Finely chopped white onion (250g)
  • A mixture of red, green and yellow well-diced bell peppers (150g)
  • Red chilies (30g)
  • Well chopped cabbage (150g)
  • Grated carrots (200g)
  • Roughly cut tomatoes (250g)
  • 60ml sunflower or canola cooking oil Turmeric (2ml)
  • Leaf masala/curry powder (2ml)
  • Salt (2ml)
  • Aromat (15g)
  • One tin of baked beans (400g)
  • Hot Fruit Chutney (15ml)
  • Brown vinegar (15ml)
  • Brown sugar (15ml)

How to cook 

  1. Heat the cooking oil over a medium set to heat in a casserole dish
  2. Add onions, chilies, and bell peppers in the dish with heated cooking oil
  3. Once it softens put the cabbage and carrots. Give it time to soften then add the tomatoes.
  4. As you stir the mixture, you need to add; 2ml turmeric, 2ml leaf masala/curry powder, 2ml salt, and 15g Aromat, to give the mix a pleasant taste.
  5. Give it a few seconds then add; one tin of baked beans (400g), hot Fruit Chutney (15ml), brown vinegar (15ml), and brown sugar (15ml).
  6. Serve hot or cold. Some people will advise you to let it cool then you refrigerate until the following day. This is to allow the meal to get the right taste.