Thickleeyonce opens up on Instagram beauty standards



Thickleeyonce has taken to her social media to talk about standards of beauty.

The star has been dragged severally regarding her body size but she never let it affect her as she continues to do what she loves doing best.

Thickleeyonce stated that she has spent her whole life as a child collecting and going through magazines.

She went on to talk about standards of beauty and the impacts of photo retouching. She said these things have created a bad relationship between people and their physical appearances.

“As a child, I spent a lot of time collecting and going through magazines. I loved cutting my clothes up, exploring with fashion, make up, colors and that creativity led to a career in photography and later as an influencer / content creator.”

“I’ve been sharing my photographs on Instagram for 10 years and so much has changed over the years…from sharing candid, fun pics to having to curate “professional” content which in the past was mostly more common for magazines, or billboards but now professionally captured and retouched images have become “regular” Instagram posts which has arguably created worse relationships with our physical appearance.”

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