Mpura stole Cassper’s ‘Angisho Guys’, says Lady Du



Lady Du clears the air on Angisho Guys theft between Cassper Nyovest and Mpura.

The rapper officially released a song with that title on Friday, 30th of April and it made wave as it trended on social media. Some hours later, few persons publicly said the song sounds familiar, and investigation made it clear that Mpura had released a song with same chorus and title in early March.

Before people could successfully condemn Cass for stealing the song, DJ Lady Du who is a featured artist on Cass’ song, tweeted about the Angisho Guys theft saga.

According to Lady DU, Mpura is the the thief.

“No, it’s not. He took a song out of the original studio. That’s wrong JR, that’s why it didn’t go anywhere!!! You can still the plan but not the vision,” she explained to a fan.

“It was cass’s song from the beginning nje,” she added.

Another person named Vinyl Deep confirmed Du’s claim. “And We’re fully behind you @Ladydu10 … I always knew about the song cause we first had a cut from it… until @MPURAPUDI released that one which didn’t make waves… the one with @casspernyovest is fire,” he said.

Speaking more about the song theft, despite being friends with Mpura, Du says she will always stand for the truth even if it means her loosing a friend.

I’ll never ever choose loyalty over honesty, I CANT STAND LIES!! If I lose a friend over honesty that’s fine. Lies need 10 other stories and I don’t have that time Mina. Aniyekeni ukubullshita amafans wenu, stappppppp it.”


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