8 ways to use chocolate for good skin



While chocolate does taste delicious, it actually has health benefits, meaning you can keep it as a staple in your diet — in moderation, of course.

Both eating this magical dessert and applying it topically to your skin can drastically improve your complexion.

Here’s all the benefits it imparts to your skin, as well as DIY ways you can integrate chocolate into your skincare routine at home for the ultimate facial.

How does chocolate benefit your skin?

  • It stops blemishes and irritation
  • It increases collagen
  • Detoxifies skin and protects from UV damage

Here are 8 ways to use chocolate for good skin:

1. Make a chocolate scrub

Consider making a homemade scrub, such as this recipe, which can help bring smooth, and soft skin with the help of some almond and coconut oil, brown sugar, cocoa powder, and essential oil. Even better news? This scrub is edible.

2. Do a chocolate face mask

This luxurious face mask by Wellness Mama features the star of the show, otherwise known as cacao powder. It also combines the benefits of banana, raw honey, and yogurt, which fight free radicals and have anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Make a powdered foundation

Yup, cocoa powder is a staple ingredient in many homemade foundations, and will dry you out much less than other store-bought powders. Here, cocoa powder combines with spices like nutmeg and cloves to make for an all-natural recipe that doubles as skincare and makeup.

4. Make a lip balm with chocolate chips

Want to smell like a tantalizing cupcake all day? This recipe is perfect to make on your own or with the family, and requires chocolate chips, beeswax, Vitamin E, and olive oil. Get softer lips and put the whole family to work — a fantastic way to keep the kids busy, and add a new, glossy staple to your lip routine.

5. Take a chocolate bath

Bubble baths are so yesterday…why not douse yourself in a chocolate-infused bath? This sounds way better than a mud bath! Simply mix some powdered milk, unsweetened cocoa and corn starch. Missing the fizz? Add unscented bubble bath for an at-home spa experience.

6. Whip up a body butter

So we already know that chocolate is moisturizing, but regular ol’ moisturizer can get boring. So why not whip a lighter-than-air chocolate soufflé, which has double the hydrating power? Apparently, the cocoa in this recipe offers a subtle bronzing effect, giving skin a sun-kissed glow.

7. Clean your face with it

Yup, chocolate can even be a cleanser! With rolled oats, cacao powder, and coconut oil, you can make these “Beauty Bliss Balls” which create little balls of doughy “skin food”. Just place a Bliss Ball in some water until it breaks down into a creamy cleanser!

8. Create a chocolate conditioner

Technically, your scalp is still skin, and chocolate can help your hair grow shiny, long, and healthy. This conditioner only calls for two ingredients: coconut cream, and cocoa powder.

Note: We’re talking dark chocolate with a higher cacao content (ideally 70% or higher), not processed milk chocolate Hershey bars, so keep that in mind.

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