7 ways to spot a wrong partner at the beginning of a relationship



In most cases, it’s things like toxicity, cheating, addiction, lies, and a lack of normal communication that cause a couple to break up.

However, sometimes the reasons for a split aren’t that obvious since we get too carried away with things to notice them.

A person may have no bad habits and be healthy psychologically with a great appearance but the relationship can still develop a harsh crack after the first serious quarrel.

Eventually, you’ll end up trying to repair the union, exhausting yourself and your partner. That’s why we’ve selected 7 unmistakable personality traits that indicate you won’t have a bright future with your partner.

1. You have a different level of emotional intelligence

A partner with a low EQ can’t imagine themselves in someone else’s situation, accept guilt for their mistakes, or understand that someone needs help. Relationships with such a person won’t be comfortable for either of you — while you’ll be waiting for empathy and understanding, your partner will be expecting a total acceptance of their point of view.

2. Your personal space is ignored

Does your new friend try to occupy your time and get angry when you’re busy with your own plans? If your partner doesn’t know how to keep themselves engaged when alone or if they don’t have any hobbies, they’ll start to limit your freedom. Your chosen partner will try to take up your interests and tastes even if you don’t want them to in order for them to have another reason to stay around you.

3. They try to change you

“Have you ever tried dying your hair blonde?” or “Why are you into tattooing, engineers earn much more money!” They may even ask, “You should wear expensive gems and not this rubbish — you’re a lady!’ Your chosen partner will try to adjust you to their own habits and tastes and will provoke changes in your appearance or lifestyle in every possible way. Eventually, the partner will realize that you’re not their ideal and that such a relationship will only last as long as you agree with their opinions.

4. Your partner clearly separates your problems from theirs

You inform your partner about a broken faucet and they’ll shrug sympathetically, kiss you on the forehead and leave to go drink beer with their friends. At the same time, they may claim that you refused to help them look for a present for their mother’s birthday. Whenever you need help, you’ll have to deal with it yourself but if it’s your partner who needs help, you can be sure they’ll be offended if you refuse to get involved.

5. Your opinion doesn’t mean anything

It all starts with small things like choosing a restaurant for a date, deciding on what to eat for dinner, or which movie to watch at the theatre. In a toxic relationship, you’ll never be asked — the partner will make reservations at a restaurant themselves and buy tickets for the latest thriller without inquiring about what you want to do. Your partner assumes that they know everything better while you don’t know anything by default.

6. Work always has priority

People who are totally in love with their job deserve respect and admiration. They’re ready to work day and night and devote their weekends to getting work done. Therefore, they manage to reach incredible heights in their careers. However, the partners that get left alone in such relationships always lose in the scenario.

7. You have totally different lifestyles

If you like eating multi-layered sandwiches for breakfast and don’t like jogging in the morning (or any time of the day) while your new partner is obsessed with superfoods and goes to the gym 7 times per week, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to build a harmonious relationship. The same story applies to homebodies and avid travelers; modest workers and those who like to party hard; and pathological cleaners and those who like to eat cookies in bed.

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