5 benefits of fermented rice water on haircare routine



Fermented rice water has been used as a natural remedy for skin and hair care issues since ages.

This is why fermented rice water has gained popularity over the decades. It can be found in almost all households.

People started fermented rice water for various other purposes as well, including skincare and hair care. Here are few benefits that fermented rice water has on our hair:

1. Fermented rice water works wonders on your hair by repairing the damaged strand along with strengthening them. Rice water can be used as both cleanser and toner as a part of the skincare routine.

2. For haircare, fermented rice water is effective for damaged roots, thin roots, and split ends along with brittle strands. fermented rice water clearly makes it smooth, shiny, long and healthy.

3. Fermented rice water is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals contained in rice which contains nutrients like amino acids, vitamin B complexes, vitamin E and antioxidants minerals.

4. Fermented rice water lets your hair delay graying, increases its shine, detangles them along with volumizing it.

5. They can be used as both a pre and post-treatment product on the hair to attain a strong, shiny and frizz-free texture.

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