Thuso Mbedu on what it’s like working with American film director, Barry Jenkins



Thuso Mbedu finally responds to one of the most asked question on working with American Film Director, Barry Jekins, for the film, The Underground Railway.

Taking to Instagram, the South Africana address shared series of moments with the director, and spoke of how amazing he is.

In a lengthy note, Thuso said:

“Working with Barry was amazing. It was one of the easiest things I’ve done. He makes easy it, man. It’s like having a conversation- an easy, flowing, unforced conversation. He fostered and encouraged an environment where we (as a collective) could “finish off each other’s thoughts/sentences” because he was so clear and articulate and receptive. We all knew and understood what we working towards and, through collaboration, we were able to help each other get there.”

“He told me from the test shoot that he does not direct the first take because he wants to see what the actor has to offer and then builds from there. This gives the actor a different kind of confidence because you don’t feel like you’re being judged at any point, instead, you feel as though your thoughts and voice matters. That’s so empowering, man.”

“Through him just being him, he showed us what humanity looks like. Barry is also very kind. He is crazy and funny and so welcoming and respectful of everyone. He has this thing where he’ll randomly check in to see if you’re OK. That just made everyone feel safe and understood. It is hard to experience Barry Jenkins and then step out and want to be anything else but a better human being. As we head towards the premiere of #TheUndergroundRailroad I just want to say thank you and cheers to our director.”


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