7 ways cucumber might just be the solution to your skin problems



Sometimes we might have some problems and look for the solution at a farther place without knowing that the simple solution is just within our grasp.

So many people find themselves with so many skin irritations and skin problems, and are forced to pay huge sums of money to get their body back intact when there are simple natural things that aren’t really expensive out there.

Cucumber is one of the most underrated vegetables out there, it has loads of importance to the human body but it’s not given the huge importance it deserves.

Cucumber has a lot of importance to the skin and I’d share some of them with you;

1. Help soothe sun burn

Putting cucumber slices on the affected skin can help be a good way to heal your skin. The cooling effect of a cucumber is a natural and gentle way to help speed up the healing process of a sun burn.

2. Has natural anti-ageing formula

Cucumbers have a good amount of antioxidants like B-carotene,  A-carotene, lutein and zea xanthin. These antioxidants act against things that lead to ageing. Cucumber is your sure anti-ageing medication.

3. Eases freckles

Those who are sensitive to how their faces look and are scared of freckles should know that cucumber is a good agent for easing out freckles. When grated, cucumber is used as a tonic and if spread all over the face, it can help chase away even stubborn freckles.

4. Treats open pores

The extract of cucumber juice can be used as a toner to treat open pores. To make it more effective, it could be mixed with aloe vera gel, tomato pulp and apple cider vinegar; another reason cucumber should come in handy.

5. Helps skin lightening

For all those who would love to have their skin lighter just a little bit, cucumber is your go-to guy. Cucumber has mild bleaching property that can lighten your skin and give it that youthful glow.

6. Banish cellulite

Do you have cellulite problems which you are shy of? Eating cucumbers could help reduce them; also, a thick paste of cucumber juice, grounded coffee and raw honey might just be the cure to stubborn cellulite when applied on affected areas.

7. Hydrates and maintain skin

Cucumber contains 95% water which helps maintain skin moisture, keeping the skin hydrated in the process. The seeds in cucumber are also rich in vitamin E and potassium which helps solve skin defects, giving your skin a glow in the process.

It’s time to stop spending much money on cosmetics and creams and the lot, and feel the power of cucumbers; it’s nature’s gift to us.

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