Prince Kaybee on why he won’t sue YouTuber Rae Gopane



Prince Kaybee is not ready to sue YouTuber Rea Gopane after he dragged the musician during a recent episode of his podcast.

Rea shared that the award-winning musician was disgusting and nasty after he sent a lady nude pics of himself while in a relationship with Zola

Many of his fans asked him to sue the host but he responded saying he can’t afford another law suit.

Few hours ago, Bonang stated that she’s ready to take legal actions towards Youtuber Rea after he claimed AKA is on cocaine and he was introduced to the drugs by Bonang.

Prince Kaybee however wish the young YouTuber luck in his career.

The talented musician wrote: “Why would I sue, let him speak his mind, he wouldn’t afford it. Good luck with your career @reagopane.”

In the clip that Kaybee retweeted, Rea said the musician wants to be “couple goals” on social media but doing “evil stuff” behind the scenes.

See tweet below:

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