Dr Malinga threatens to beat up a troll



Dr Malinga has put a tweep where he belongs after he disrespected him.

A tweep @moe_suttle tweeted about Rea Gopane treating Bonang like she is Dr Malinga.

This is coming after YouTuber Rea on his podcast claimed Scoop told them that Bonang had introduced AKA to drugs.

“Scoop told us that AKA is on coke, and Bonang is the one that got him into cocaine. Scoop told us that, bro, after the interview we had him right here at this place.”

Although, Bonang took legal actions but Rea already apologised publicly but still keeps poking fun at the star.

Moe tweeted, “I want Bonang to go lower. That Rea boy is behaving like he’s dealing with the likes of Dr Malinga.”

Responding to that, Dr Malinga hit back at him saying he doesn’t sue but will beat him up.

“Boy boy nna byanong I don’t Sue papi, ka trapa I’m sure you’re familiar with kicks right, entlek send location fast.”



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