3 shoes to wear with bootcut trousers



Boot cut trousers are narrow in the knees and wide at the bottom. It was the fashion of the 80s and 90s.

It is reminiscent of hippies and the Beatles and has certainly made a comeback in this decade.

There are many ways to style bootcut because it is quite versatile. One difficulty most people face is finding the right shoes-and length always seems to pose a challenge.

The modern spin of the bootcut trousers has it high waisted and tight. They also exist in different materials like jeans, Lycra, and polyesters.

Boot cuts help to elongate your legs and give off an elegant fashion-conscious vibe. Here are 3 shoes to wear with bootcut trousers:

You might not be a heel girl and that is okay. Boot cut trouser can also be styled with flat shoes. The difficulty is you don’t want your trouser sweeping the ground. If you want to wear flats on a boot cut trouser pair it with an ankle-length boot cut.

2. Heels

With heels you have two options, you can either let your trouser cover your shoes or let your shoes out a little. It all depends on your preference and they both look great.

Sneakers are a modern and fresh take on the classic boot cut. If you want to look young, chic and modern then pair it with a pair of sneakers.

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