AKA reveals the many times Nelli Tembe threatened to harm herself


AKA confirmed during a recent interview with  eNCA journalist Thembekile, that his late wife, Anele Neli Tembe threatened to be suicidal multiple times.

On the 11th of April, 2021, it was rumored that the young girl committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of her hotel room, which is on the 10th floor.

The rapper said, she threatened him the night before her death during a heated argument that she will jump off the balcony.

He reached out the security team of the hotel, and withdrew himself from the situation by going to the toilet; upon coming out of the restroom, the young girl did make her words come true.

However, Supa Mega said he didn’t really take her words to heart because she always threatened him with such words whenever there’s an altercation between them.

He revealed different times she’s threatened him.

AKA said there was a time they were returning home from a gig in Pretoria and an altercation happened in the car, Nelli threatened to jump off the moving car.

Another time, while in the house, she tried jumping off the balcony of the house, and he reached out to her Dad, Moses Tembe and his mom, Lynn Forbes.

She’s also told the rap star that she will drive a car into the wall, which might also be a horrible death.

Kiernan said her mental health was being managed via medications and she visited a Psychiatric centre in Durban.

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