Nelli’s dad, Moses Tembe knew of her mental issues, says AKA



AKA says Moses Tembe knew of his daughter, Nelli Tembe’s mental health issues.

This statement from the rapper appears to antagonize Moses’ claim according to the speech he wrote on his daughter’s funeral service.

Moses clearly said his daughter was never suicidal and he mentioned the abuse of drugs, which is believed to have existed in AKA and Nelli’s relationship.

Speaking at a sit-down interview, Kiernan said there was a time Nelli attempted to jump off the balcony, and he informed Moses and his mom, Lynn Forbes about the incident.

The rapper added that Moses even picked up Nelli when she visited a psychiatric clinic.

However, Kiernan said after the burial, he met with Moses Tembe privately, narrated all that happened before Nelli’s death, and he took in  the story as a mourning and heartbroken father.

AKA said he questioned the father why he claimed Anele was not suicidal, and in response, Moses said he’s trying to protect his daughter, so, she won’t be disrespected by the media.

The rapper said he understood his excuse, though, things are gradually becoming chaotic.

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