8 simple ways to detoxify your skin



Detoxifying your skin is one of the most essential steps to attaining a healthy and youthful-looking glow always.

The body and skin can often get polluted by things we consume and environmental factors as well.

Learning how to detoxify skin is important to enjoy trouble-free skin all the time. Below are 8 ways you can achieve this at home.

1. Stay hydrated all the time


The best way to detox and ensure toxins are being passed out is by drinking lots of water on the regular. This will help keep everything in check right from maintaining good dental hygiene to balancing pH levels of the entire body. Always have a bottle of water right next to you throughout the day so that you remember to hydrate yourself constantly.

2. Adopt a well-balanced diet


To help your skin cope and remove toxins, it needs essential vitamins and minerals. Having a well-balanced diet will help you maintain a healthy body that flushes out toxins on a regular and is enriched with the right kind of nutrition. Start your day with a green juice that consists of kale, cucumber and pineapple for a deliciously healthy dose of vitamins.

3. Catch ample amount of sleep


Don’t get too carried away with work, binge watching shows or reading for too long that it cuts into your sleep time. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep so that your body can help charge itself and recover from the time it was awake and active. avoid any stress that could lead to acid reflux.

4. Devise the right skin cleansing routine


It is important to cleanse your face and skin after you wake up in the morning so as to remove any dirt or impurities that may have come to the surface while you sleep. When you are sleeping, the skin works to repair itself and may flush out toxins during this period as well. Therefore, skin must be cleansed in the morning without fail and a gentle creamy cleanser can be used before going to bed.

5. Reduce sugar intake


Too much sugar is bad for your health and cutting down on this can help you detoxify your skin too. Excessive sugar in the form of desserts or chocolates can cause you to break out and also lead to skin ageing and damage. Reduce sugar intake and try consuming more fruits to satisfy your cravings.

6. Sweat out toxins with exercise


Exercising will help detoxify your body. Perspiration caused by exercise is how the toxins and impurities are flushed out. Sweating is key to skin detoxification. Make sure to cleanse your skin after breaking a sweat to get rid of the toxins without causing damage to your skin.

7. Practise skin toning after cleansing


Cleansing your skin isn’t enough especially when the weather conditions are extreme. Toning is an important step in your routine and should not be avoided. A good alcohol-free toner will balance your pH levels and help remove any little impurities that come to the surface after cleansing. Opt for skin toners with natural ingredients to improve skin health.

8. Avoid extremely hot baths daily


Excessively hot baths can disrupt your skin’s pH levels and leave you with a lot of skin trouble. A super hot shower also defeats the purpose of removing sweat from your skin as you will end up sweating once again after turning off the hot water and patting yourself dry. Hot baths also cause body acne.

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