These 5 phrases can make you sound weak at work



In the professional world, which is all about survival of the fittest, no one wants to come across as weak, vulnerable, or underconfident.

Even in difficult situations, one puts on a brave face and continues to work hard. However, sometimes we unintentionally do or say something that affects our career trajectory and makes us feel unworthy.

Here are 5 phrases that may make you sound weak at work.

1. “Does that make sense?”

Whatever you are going to say should make sense to you first. Even if it doesn’t and you want to say it, do not put up the validation question right after uttering it. When you do that, you directly point out that whatever you just said doesn’t make any sense to you as well.

2. “I’m sorry to bother you…”

Announcing you are about to bother them, increases the chances of you actually bothering them! Also, saying sorry makes us come across as shy or nervous. Thus, rather than apologizing, say “thank you for listening.”

3. “It’s out of my hands”

There will be situations that will test your leadership quality and get you all stressed out. But you cannot say the phrase even if you know things are not in your hand. You are the leader here and you cannot let your team fall apart.

4. “I’m not an expert, but….”

When you are in a situation where you are trying to get people to respect you and take your ideas seriously, these phrases undermine your credibility. Thus, instead of using it, consider taking a more direct approach.

5. “I’m sorry….”

Being sorry for something you are wrong about is a wonderful gesture, but being sorry for everything is a sign of insecurity. It shows how you value the opinion of others more than yours, every time.

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