5 online dating red flags you shouldn’t ignore



Since you can’t be sure of everyone you’re interacting with on the online portals, it is necessary to be wary of what’s coming your way.

Given that most of the conversation is on text, it fares better if you notice the tone of the person you’re talking to.

Does the attitude seem to be negative and complaining? Look for anger issues and try to read between the lines if they’re trying too hard to impress you.

If the person is being too vague about their past or present, you need to do a background check on other social media sites before moving forward.

Going on a blind date or looking forward to an internet romance? Before you get into the groove, here are some signs you should be suspicious of.

1. Social media check

Are his other social media handles really private or hidden? Or is he not accepting your friend request on any one of those? Well, you may need to see what’s fishy in that case or probably ask him what’s he hiding.

2. Long time, no reply

If you’ve been talking to someone for a while and they respond to your texts immediately but suddenly go underground for long chunks of time, something might be wrong. Don’t ignore it. Ask them what kept them so busy.

3. Never wants to meet

If they talk to you well on social media but always say no to meeting up, there’s something wrong. Who knows, it could be a totally different person chatting with you than the person you’re imagining.

4. Every text is a sext

Are they interested in knowing about you as a person or does every conversation somehow lead to intimacy and sexual arousal? If every text somehow turns into a sext, you should probably say bye to the person.

5. Paranoid or jealousy signs

If it hasn’t been too long you’ve been chatting with each other, but the person you’re speaking to is keeping a tab on all your actions and getting jealous or paranoid, it’s probably better to call it off.

Stop wondering how to take the next step. Go ahead and make sure you’re talking to the right person after all your security is the most important.

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