5 signs to identify an emotionally dangerous partner



If you have been getting an eerie vibe from someone, then trust your instinct. You never know how dangerously manipulative a person can be unless you know them inside out.

If a person leaves you emotionally drained, uncomfortable and plants emotions of self-doubt, then this person can be identified as someone who is emotionally dangerous.

To help you figure out, here are some telltale signs of an emotionally dangerous partner.

1. Violate boundaries

Every relationship has some healthy boundaries that both partners should be able to respect. However, if your partner just can’t seem to give you your space and respect the boundaries, then they are the ones who like to be in control. They might find it insulting if you place some emotional or physical boundaries between the both of you, further angering them.

2. Lacking appreciation

Such a person always seems to criticise your actions no matter what you do for them. They never seem to appreciate your efforts even if it’s straining you out in order to keep them happy. Feeling unappreciated can lower your confidence levels and may unintentionally force you to seek sympathy from others.

3. Constant confusion

You are never sure of their actions or where you both stand in the relationship. Such a person will never commit to the relationship entirely because they are themselves unsure about their feelings for you. With this approach, they can hurt you a lot as one day they might pull you close or the next day, push you away entirely.

4. Extremely controlling

Their actions will let you know that all they want is for you to do what they want i.e live life according to them. They try to control your life, who you are friends with, when and where you go etc. They don’t respect your decisions and choices and try to impose theirs on you. And eventually, this makes you feel weak and worthless.

5. Gaslight you

‘Gaslighting’ is a psychological term that defines emotional and psychological manipulation by deliberately telling false information to make a person believe otherwise. If your partner gaslights you by telling: “you’re completely crazy”, “we talked about this. You don’t remember?” or “that’s not how it happened” then, it’s a major red flag that they are trying to manipulate you and the situation by making you believe that you’re wrong.

With these signs in hand, beware of such people!

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