Tresor celebrates Africa Day in a heartbroken state


Tresor says he celebrated Africa Day in a heartbroken state, as he’s not happy with the situation of things in his home.

The South African singer was born in Goma, Congo. He detailed the saddening situation at Goma and urged people to pray for inhabitants of the town, including his family.

“Goma ,DRC πŸ’”I come from the most resilient city in world called Goma but things are not good at home. Recorded this message for Africa Day the day before the second volcano eruption started in my hometown.”

“My spirit is currently defeated. The Congolese government has asked our people to evacuate the city as the Volcano eruption is getting worse every day with earthquakes destroying the city , homes , roads… and the methane gas killing our people daily … its a massive health risk for the people stay in the city right now. There is no evacuation or any relief plan from the government. The videos and images of our people fighting for survival trying to get out of the city are heartbreaking.”

“I have been speaking to my family and friends in Goma and it’s the worse experience. I have been feeling restless and helpless trying to find ways to assist the best way I can. I will reach out soon with more. For now please keep our people in Goma in your prayers,” he said.


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