3 misconceptions about anklets



Anklets are gold, diamond or beaded chains worn around the ankles and they are believed to have deep and sinister meanings.

Here are some of them;

  1. Women who wear anklets on their left ankles show that they are in an open relationship.
  2. When a woman wears an anklet on her right foot, she is single and has no lover.
  3. Other women who wear anklets are presumed to be prostitutes and lesbians.

The real truth behind anklets

Anklets have been in existence since ancient times. It was found by the tomb of the one of earliest humans – Sumerians, it was also worn by Ancient women in Egypt, Africa, and India to show status, beauty and charm.
Indians wear anklets as a symbol of beauty and charm and to alert their husband so they can stop any displeasing chatter.
The spread of Christianity and other values attributed pagan culture to it hence the myth surrounding its significance.