How to lighten dark underarms with potato



It’s not only the most versatile vegetable but also one that has tons of benefits, especially for the skin.

We are talking about the good old potato, the king of vegetables can be very beneficial for the skin. It not only reverses tanning of the skin, but also deals with problems of hyper-pigmentation.

It also reduces wrinkles and puffy eyes. But its best benefit is that it lightens dark skin in a matter of days and is specially useful to deal with dark underarms.

How does it work?

Potato juice is best for skin lightening since it is a natural mild bleaching properties which reduce melanin production, lighten the skin tone. It also contains Vitamin C in abundance which regulates collagen production and maintains skin elasticity.

Potato is also a great natural bleach and an anti-irritant that helps to lighten underarms and provides instant relief from itchiness. You can place a thin slice or apply potato juice on your armpits and keep it for 10-15 minutes. For effective results, use it twice a day, and say hello to brightened underarms!

Fights dark spots

It is also helpful in removing dark spots and blemishes. All you have to do is you apply the potato juice on the affected area with a clean cotton ball. Just let the juice dry and wash it off with normal water. Do this exercise for a few days and see the difference.

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