Toya Delazy responds to claims that she has faded away from stardom



Toya Delazy has taken to her social media to react to claims that she has faded away from stardom.

The star has since relocated to London after his success in South Africa and is making waves in the United Kingdom.

Taking to her Twitter, she shared two contrasting news reports about how her career is going.

The first is from Complex UK who praises her recently released music video for her single “Resurrection” .

The headline reads, “South Africa’s Toya Delazy is loud enough to raise the dead in the ‘Resurrection’ video”.

Sunday World said, “Star who faded in front of our eyes” and Toya was part of the list.

Reacting to this, she laughed off the two reporys that came out same day and say she is being slept on.

Toya tweeted: South African shawashii reporting VS the whole world  literally same day news … Balala laze langena ezinqeni ilanga hawu #resurrection”

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