All you need to know about Johannesburg zoo before visiting



The Johannesburg zoo is one of the recreation facilities that the country takes pride in being home to.

It houses the Big Five and other animals from around the world. The location is home to more than three hundred species of animals, most of which are not so common.

The one thing that pauses as a challenge is the type of activities that one could engage in, especially if you are going to hang out with kids.

This should not be a reason for you to fuss because there are several locations where you could go to, hang out and have a good time. One such place is the Johannesburg zoo.

To access this facility, there are a couple of things that you are supposed to be aware of. How about finding out more information on what to expect at the Johannesburg zoo?

Johannesburg zoo location

This exciting location is situated on a 55-hectare piece of land on the corner of Jan Smuts Avenue in Parkview, Johannesburg. This is such a big chunk of land to tour in a day. However, the location has provided a map of the facility and the distribution of the different species of animals. If you are planning a visit, you might want to consider going through the map.

Not only does the zoo provide a home for these animals but also acts as a conservancy for most of the endangered species. Part of the conservation involves breeding some of the endangered species to prevent their extinction.

Adoption of animals in the zoo

Interestingly, the zoo also provides the option of adoption for specific animals. Some of the animals that are currently up for adoption include black rhino, the pygmy hippo, ring-tailed lemur, black and white ruffed lemur, chimpanzee, antelope, to mention a few.

Johannesburg zoo exhibits

Apart from the animals in the wild, you could check out the zoo exhibits as they are more educational, especially for pupils. The animals in this section have a distinctive character that you might want to learn more about.

Johannesburg zoo entrance fee

Like most wildlife locations, Joburg zoo charges a small fee for one to get into the facility and enjoy its services. Johannesburg zoo prices are relative to the age of the person visiting. This is the updated Johannesburg zoo entrance fee 2019:

  • Adults pay an entry fee of R100;
  • Children between the age of 3 years and 12 years are required to pay an entry fee of R60;
  • Pensioners also pay a subsidised fee of R60;
  • Students are charged an entry fee of R65 only if they show their student’s Identification card;
  • For school groups, the charges are R40 per person, and this rate is only applicable on weekdays;
  • For differently aged individuals, the rate is R45 per person;
  • For welfare groups, the charges are R45 per person. This offer is only applicable on weekdays;
  • The charge for conservation walks is R70. If you wish to go to a zoo trot, you will be required to pay R65.

Annual pass charges

The zoo also provides the option for interested parties to subscribe to the yearly pass subscription. The charges for this option are slightly higher compared to the others. These are the rates that will be applicable to the different groups of people:

  • Adults are charged R820;
  • Adults VIP are required to pay a fee of R1090;
  • Children are required to pay R500;
  • Children VIP are required to pay R670;
  • Pensioners are charged R500;
  • Pensioners VIP are required to pay a fee of R670.

Parking charges

The parking fee for a bus is R25 while for cars is R15

Important information about making payments at the zoo

If you are planning on visiting the facility, it is important to note that Johannesburg zoo does not have an ATM machine; therefore, it would be prudent for you to have your entrance fee in cash. It is also important to note that the facility does not accept cheques.

For that reason, visitors, for instance, schools, are required to ensure that they deposit the cheque to the zoo’s bank account, at least two or three days before the day of the visit.

Johannesburg zoo operating hours

This is another important aspect that anyone visiting should put in mind. Visitors are allowed in the location between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm every Mondays to Sundays, on public holidays, even on Christmas day and New Year! How convenient is this? The zoo has, however, put a limit on the time that one should get in. If you wish to visit, the latest time that you should check-in is at 4 pm.

Johannesburg zoo rules

The management of the facility has stipulated a list of rules that the visitors are expected to observe for the sake of their safety. One is required to familiarise with them to avoid any mishaps during the trip. You can check out the list of Johannesburg zoo rules here.

JHB zoo boasts of being home to more than three hundred species of animals. These animals include lions, elephants, leopards, elephants, honey badgers, and buffalos, to mention a few. The other endangered species that the location hosts include the African wild dog, the black rhino, tiger, wattled crane, ground hornbill, the vulture, the chimpanzees, to mention a few.