Redi Tlhabi slammed for spreading fake news



Redi Tlhabi has stepped on the toes of many following her recent wrong report.

Taking to Twitter, the stated that the director of services in Ekurhuleni has been shot to death yesterday in Spruitview.

“Wow! The Director of Service Delivery in Ekurhuleni Region was murdered in a hail of bullets last night. Shot at 28 times in Spruitview last night,” she tweeted.

Her statement caught the attention of so many as they accuse her of reporting fake news.

Correcting Redi, Modibe said the person who was killed is the human settlement official.

“The person that was murdered is Tebogo Makhoa, a Human Settlements official that was allegedly involved in the selling of RDP houses. Secondly, Ekurhuleni doesn’t have a “Director of Service Delivery.”

However Redi did not take kindly to Modibe’s correction, she fired back asking Modibe if he is having a meltdown over a title.

“I did not post motive or reason for Teboho’s murder. I posted a fact, that he was shot at 28 times. That is not fake news. Are you really having a meltdown because of a title? It seems a disproportionate response to “Director: Service Delivery” vs “Human Settlements Delivery.

“If your issue is a title, is it material to the fact that he was murdered? Nitpicking about the title, is as irrelevant as me pointing out that he is not “Tebogo” but Teboho? Not relevant. As for motive; it would be highly irresponsible for me to go there barely 24 hours after the murder,” tweeted Redi.

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