5 healthy reasons why teff seeds should be added in your daily diet



Here’s a wakeup call for all of you who haven’t heard about the trending teff seeds.

The staple food is packed with a punch of nutrients. These tiny grains are a source of plant-based protein, minerals, fibre and slow digesting carbs.

A food that can be eaten in the form of porridge, stew, bread, pancakes and what not. Not just rich in nutrients but teff is a versatile food which can be consumed in many forms.

Mainly grown in countries like Ethiopia  and Eritrea, teff is also known as william’s lovegrass or annual bunch grass which can provide upto 2/3rd of the daily required protein.

Teff seeds come with a lot of health benefits. Let us take a deep dive and ponder upon some health benefits of this amazing seeds.

1. Strengthens the immune system

Teff seeds rich in Vitamin C stimulate the production of white blood cells in your body. Apart from stimulating the production of white blood cells, Vitamin C is also a crucial component of collagen which helps in the creation of new cells, muscle tissues, organs, blood vessels, etc.

 2Helps control diabetes

Teff is a superfood which could help the people with diabetes by slowing down the release of insulin in the bloodstream and prevent the dangerous spikes that can occur in diabatic patients. As it has a relatively low glycemic index which can help diabetics better regulate their sugar levels.

3. Improves heart health

Teff seeds are known to lower your blood pressure and reduce your chances of getting a heart attack or a stroke. Apart from that these teff seeds are low in sodium and hence would never clog up your arteries.

4. Gets you healthy and strong bones


Teff can be really great for those people who have been experiencing pain in their joints and bones for a very long period of time. Enriched with a wide range of nutrients and minerals, teff has calcium in it which helps in strengthening your bones and is also important for bone growth and development.

5. Aids digestion

Rich in fibre, Teff seeds aid digestion as the fibre content in it supports the regular bowel movement. It is a source of prebiotic fibre which helps to maintain a good gut health whereas the presence of insoluble fibre helps relieve bloating as it acts as a natural laxative.