AKA gets cancelled over new social media post



AKA gets dragged on social media once again, and this time around, it’s over an ‘insensitive’ video shared on his Instagram.

It’s obvious the rapper is making every effort to step out of his shell following the death of his wife, Anele Nelli Tembe.

However, some persons feel he’s been insensitive about it, as he shared a video of himself on a field, and used Travis Scott’s song has soundtrack.

The title of the song garnered controversy, and the title says, “Piss On Your Grave”.

However, a loyal fan of the rapper named, Rubu Thulisa defended Kiernan.

“The last time I checked the song was about unprincipled record label executives. The guy has been a victim of those. Man’s has a “Travis Scott hairstyle “ also happens to be in the” forest” just like in the music video of the song. Kanti yini kangaka?”

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