7 ways women experience love differently than men



Because men and women experience love in such different ways, you sometimes have to wonder how there are any successful relationships that go the distance.

While there’s no one right way to approach romance or to behave in love, it is important to understand the ways in which your partner might be on a totally different wavelength.

Here are just a few ways women love completely differently than men.

1. Women tend to have trust issues

Whether it’s because they’ve been hurt in the past or because they’ve seen other women in their lives get hurt, it generally takes longer for women to trust their partners. We need to take our time, and that could mean that it’s going to be a while before we develop trust with our partners. That being said, once we’ve achieved this milestone, we’re in it for the long haul.

2. Women need to express their feelings more often

Because of this, we may expect men to do the same. We might also say “I love you” more often. We may tell our partners how important they are to us and how much we appreciate them more often too. Because women tend to be so much more vocal, they sometimes get frustrated when the male partners aren’t offering the same in return.

3. Women are less likely to fall for someone solely on physical attraction

It’s not that women don’t find attractive men appealing as potential mates, it’s just that visuals matter less. Appearance isn’t the quality that makes women fall in love with men. Other things like being responsible, funny, caring, and loyal matter more. That’s why you will often see gorgeous women with average-looking men. They probably have stellar personalities.

4. Women often use more words to express their feelings

For a man, saying “I love you” is enough. It encompasses all of his feelings. Women will often follow up “I love you” with “because you always remember to get me a coffee when you are out.” We tend to expand on how our love feels to us or why we love someone. As a result, women may not be satisfied with our partners simply saying “I love you.” We expect to hear more.

5. Women tend to think more about their relationship

Some might call it overanalyzing, but women tend to think of it as being thoughtful. We think about what actions and words mean and about why we feel a specific way. It’s not even unheard of for women to think about why we think a certain way. And, because we think more about our relationships, we have more questions. Those questions need answers.

6. Women need to talk it out with our girlfriends

Yes, many women complain that when they talk to their partners about their feelings, they have a dazed look in their eyes or they aren’t really listening. So guys, just let your girlfriends talk about their feelings with their friends and know that when they come to you, it’s because what they have to say is really important.

7. Women are usually more focused on feelings

Men tend to focus more on passion and feel unloved without it, whereas women are more likely to feel unloved without a declaration of feelings. Sex is important to both genders, but men are more likely to need the passion part of sex while women need the verbal declaration of love during the physical act.

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