DJ Maphorisa calls out resident DJ for disrupting his performance



DJ Maphorisa has called out a resident DJ who tried to cut short his performance on Sunday.

Taking to Twitter, the star shared that some DJs think the job is a competition when they all play in clubs.

In his words, he feels that some if the DJs have f**ked up mentality.

DJ Maphorisa stated that hw will tell others when he is done DJing instead of them coming with their laptops.

He said he will disgrace anyone who tries that rubbish with him again.

“Some resident DJs have f**ked up mentality, I swear, thinking its competition. I will tell you when I’m done DJing, don’t come with ur laptop acting fresh, I will embarrass [you] in front of ur girl mxm,” he tweeted

DJ Maphorisa did not say where the incident happened but he had shared on Instagram earlier that he would be playing at Propaganda nightclub in Pretoria. He was not well received by one fan who accused him of “hogging the table” beyond the agreed time.

The fan asked why would he refuse to let the other DJs perform if they are also included in the line-up. Phori dared the Twitter user to remove him.

“Try it then, let’s see,” he said.



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