Pearl Modiadie wants to be Lee Roy Wright’s baby mama



Pearl Modiadie has decided to shoot her shot at Lee-Roy Wright who claims he’s ready to be a father.

Taking to Twitter, Lee-Roy stated that he is ready to be a dad and start a family of his own.

Well, Pearl who is already a mother to her son, Lewatle did not hesitate as she said she is ready to mother Lee-Roy Wright’s child.

The pair would have beautiful “caramel” babies according to Lee-Roy and he’s totally up for this new challenge in life

Reacting to Pearl’s statement, Lee-Roy said that he wouldn’t mind if Pearl were to mother his child.

He even made a funny comment about them having a “caramel” baby since their child would be mixed race.

“Caramel babies are the dream,” wrote Lee-Roy.

See tweet below:

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