What you need to know about shrinking enlarged pore



If we could live without them, we would but we can’t.

Playing an important role in keeping our skin healthy they allow sweat and oil to escape through the skin while getting rid of toxins.

These small openings of hair follicles however can cause problems when they are clogged or enlarged.

Based on genetics, aging, sun exposure and skin type, these factors will affect the appearance of your pores.

Annoying as they may be as they become large, you cannot completely shrink their size. However, there are certain things you can do to improve how your skin looks.

To help your skin look supple and stop the pores from clogging up, here is what you can do:

1. Wash your face

Using lukewarm water, wash your face at least twice a day-morning and evening, with a gentle alcohol-free cleanser. This will get rid of dirt and sweat from the pores eventually making them less visible.

Do not be tempted to scrub or rub as this will only make things worse. Use steam or a hot towel over your face to open up the pores instead then go in with the cleanser.

2. Use AHA and BHA

As bad as putting acid on your face may sound, this will not burn your skin off. Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids penetrate and dissolve the connection between the surface of the skin and your cells thus unclogging the pores.

Exfoliating on a cellular level, since they go deep to remove the dead skin that clogs up the pores, those with oily, acne prone and sensitive skin will benefit from these super acids. Frequent use will brighten and smoothen surface layer.

3. Skip heavy foundation

The reason you want to avoid heavy foundation in the hopes of concealing large pores is because it will only make them more pronounced as the powder settles on the pores.

Foundation containing lanolin, isopropyl, lauric acid and other emulsifiers, usually clog up pores and make them appear much larger. If you must, use a mineral powder foundation that will offer full coverage without causing a reaction or breakout.

4. Masking

A quick fix to shrinking the size of pores is using a clay mask. Due to buildup, this can make your pores appearance to increase in size.

By removing the gunk, oil and dirt, this unclogs the pores thus reducing their size. Use a clay or charcoal mask twice a week for great results.

5. Get a retinoid

Besides brightening dark spots, treating acne and improving the appearance of wrinkles, topical retinols are a life saver.

Working by decreasing oil production, smoothening your skin, increasing collagen and tightening pores, a retinoid serum or cream will strengthen the wall of your pores improving how they look.

6. Pore strips

Not the best at extracting the entire blockage from the pore, these strips offer a temporary quick fix by removing the top part of the blackhead thus exposing the pore.

Go in with a gentle cleanser then apply a pore treatment that can be able to penetrate and treat the blackhead to prevent it from forming again.