Uzalo fires Khaya Dladla


Uzalo reportedly lay off actor Khaya Dladla after viewers complained about his return to the TV show.

In 2019, the soapie snubbed him and refused reaching out to him, and it’s like he’s experiencing the same thing again.

In March Uzalo brought back some of their old characters including Khaya, but it was reported that viewers complained of his ‘boring’ storyline.

A source said: “Viewers were complaining on social media that his storyline was boring. They even asked why he was brought back. Producers then had to go back to the drawing board.”

“Writers and producers will meet on Monday for the storyline writing workshop,” said another source.

“Maybe things will change during the workshop. We don’t know, but GC adds spice to Uzalo. We hope that producers bring him back.”

Khaya had less to say about the report, but clearly states that Uzalo will decide his future.

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