Refilwe Modiselle on getting a role in a Tyler Perry film



Refilwe Modiselle has decided to shoot her shot at Tyler Perry after he teased the third instalment of his Why Did I Get Married to his audience.

Tyler took to his Twitter to share the news and the actress used that as an opportunity to get a role in the upcoming movie.

Responding to Tyler’s tweet, Refilwe encouraged him to go ahead with the film and asked to be cast.

She shared her accolades and stressed the importance of showing diversity.

“Yes you should & can you explore casting me (I’ve won awards for best actress for an international short film), so you can show diversification & Inclusivity of a black narrative not often explored. With all due respect Sir @tylerperry,” she tweeted.

Refilwe’s fans filled the comment section with responses urging the international filmmaker to give their favorite tha chance.

While in an audition earlier today, the actress was asked about a moment in her life when she felt most included and she revealed that it was recently, when the masses endorsed her tweet about featuring in the new Tyler Perry film.

“Today I was asked in an audition interview. When was a moment I felt the most included. I said for me honestly, it’s the first time my own people are supporting my tweet to Tyler Perry. The response has been overwhelming. THANK YOU Loudly. I pray the message gets to him.”


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