7 ways living together will test your relationship



Relationships, no matter how beautiful and perfect they seem to be, need to be tested every now and then.

This helps in keeping everything in check along with helping the couple identify what they need to work on.

It is often believed that living together is the best way to test one’s relationship. Be it doing so while dating or post-marriage, it is a true test of your compatibility.

Here are ways living together will test your relationship.

1. You will wonder if you are really happy

When you are living with someone, all of their bad habits come to the surface. You start noticing them more since there aren’t a lot of other things around that you can pay attention to. All this makes you wonder whether your partner is “The One” or not.

2. You will be able to see how much attention they actually give you

Everyone is overwhelmed right now because of the pandemic. Nobody knows when they will feel safe again. But when you are living together and it seems like you are the only one putting effort into keeping things fresh, you start to get even more annoyed. This is a good time to see if your relationship is purely one-sided and if you are okay with that.

3. ​You can see how they handle a crisis

Part of being a romantic couple is working together. If you live together and share finances, you are both probably trying your hardest to work together and figure the immediate future out. On the other hand, if you are dealing with unemployment and they are spending their time playing video games, you will definitely be pissed. The way they react now is likely how they will be in future situations.

4. ​You can see how much housework is really your responsibility

Housework is a big part of the daily routine when two people start living together. Ideally, it should be divided equally. But that doesn’t always happen. Because of various reasons, societal conditioning being the most important, one person might think a certain job is the responsibility of the other.

5. You see whether or not there is long-term potential in your relationship

Though it sounds romantic to share a home with your partner 24/7, not everyone can cope with that. You are opening up a massive compatibility test when you live together for more than just an occasional weekend. If their way of living is stressing you out, maybe this isn’t the best relationship for you after all.

6. You will be able to figure out if you are happier solo

If you have moved in with your partner and are finding it way more suffocating than being on your own, maybe you weren’t as happy in your relationship as you originally thought. It’s okay to be single and maybe, that’s what you need right now.

7. ​It may test your mental health

There may be times where you think everything is breaking down. Your partner really needs to show support during this time and not snap. If your loved one is going through a lot, it’s a good time to ask yourself whether you can handle it or not.

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