Lamiez Holworthy to go for a Twitter sabbatical again



Lamiez Holworthy has taken to her Twitter to announce she will be going on a sabbatical leave. 

The star stated that there is so much darkness on the world and yet God and her ancestors always make a way for her.

She went on to say she has so much to be thankful for and she needs to focus on it.

Lamiez thereby stated it is time for a Twitter sabbatical again just for her own peace of mind and sanity. 

She tweeted: “So much darkness in the world yet God n my ancestors always make a way. So much to be grateful for n I need to focus on that. Time for a Twitter sabbatical again. 4my own peace of mind n sanity. Here’s 2living our best lives n changing a life of two in the process. #sthokoze. Remember,be kind always.”

See tweet below:


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