8 things to try before giving up on your marriage



It is very natural for every relationship to go through a rough patch. Nobody can promise you marriage with perfectly sunny afternoons.

However, if you are thinking of ending your marriage, there are a few things that you can try for one last time.

Here is the list of things you both should do before giving up on your marriage.

1. End the blame game

An important reason behind most of the fights is you blaming your partner for an issue. However, if you talk about the particular issue without blaming them and express how it bothered you, it might have a solution. Try to communicate to understand rather than to blame and win an argument.

2. Mend the quarrel

Many couples tend to bring up the issues from the past that were left unresolved. Try to solve the argument then and there, so that none of you can hold a grudge. Avoiding a conflict can only lead to a bigger one in the future. Don’t hold back the bitterness from the past issues.

3. Focus on the present issue

Instead of name-calling, try to focus on the argument you both are having. Don’t attack the other person on something very personal to them. Your anger is a result of hurt, and you can either talk and solve the matter or indulge in a long sarcastic fight without solving anything.

4. Elevating the physical affection

Physical affection and bonding play a vital role in holding a relationship together. Plan dinner dates, intimate movie nights, or spa plus lunch dates with your partner to boost the lost physical affection. Holding hands or hugging can make you feel happy and calm together. Being intimate can help you boost your happy hormones and release stress hormones.

5. Spend quality time daily

You cannot just plan a date once a month and think that everything will be okay. You have to spend at least thirty minutes with your partner daily. You both should make each other feel that you are by their side in sickness and health. Random text messages about their day, sharing your opinion about a topic raised at a meeting, or just knowing their routine can help you better understand each other.

6. Honesty and communication

Make sure you are honest about your feelings and reactions with your partner. Communicate honestly about what you felt about a particular situation and try to tell them straightforwardly. Don’t hold past issues against them.

7. Don’t let your past wounds turn into scars

If you are feeling hurt about something, try and listen to their side of the story also. Give your partner a chance to explain themselves and listen to understand. Even after they have explained themselves and you feel pessimistic about the situation, make sure it isn’t because of the past fear you have.

8. Forgive and forget

Forgiveness is the first step to make your relationship work. Forgive yourself and your partner in move on from the hurtful phase in your relationship. Know that you both are against the issue, not each other.

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