7 ways citrus can benefit your skin



Some of the beneficial foods you eat can be used in your beauty routine for example the good old citrus fruits.

From grapefruit to lemons, clementine to oranges, citrus does a whole lot of good to both your face and body.

Here are seven ways you can use these fruits to your benefit.

1. To fight infection

Grapefruit seed extract can be used to fight infections and can get rid of unhealthy bacteria in the body. Citrus in general can also aid kidney health. Citrus fruits are filled with folic acid that can aid in preventing kidney disease and birth defects among pregnant women. Good kidney health helps the body filter blood, remove waste and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

2. To get rid of cellulite

Grapefruit has a high concentration of vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production and helps skin keep its elasticity. It also helps smooth cellulite bumps. Natural vitamin C helps improve the appearance of your skin.

3. To improve your immune system and digestion

Starting your day with hot lemon water rather than coffee or tea is recommended. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and potassium. Lemons aids digestion and clean toxins from the blood. This keeps the skin clean. Drink the juice of half a lemon with hot water, a bit of honey first thing when you wake. Wait 30 minutes before eating to get full benefits.

4. To jumpstart your metabolism

Citrus fruits can raise your metabolic rate while resting. The phytonutrient found in citrus fruits can burn additional calories.

5. To brighten your skin

If you are looking to achieve clear, glowing and blemish-free skin, lemons, limes or grapefruits need to be included in your diet and daily routine. The vitamin C found in citrus fruits helps destroy free radicals in your body, providing a radiant glow to your skin. If you have uneven skin tone, citrus can help with those, too.

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