5 smart ways to get your crush’s attention on social media



Social media is a great way to get your crush’s attention. You can simply post a picture or a meme to attract their attention, instead of directly sending them a message.

There are many ways by which you can get a response from your crush on Instagram, be it uploading a relatable story or posting a cute picture of yours!

So we are here to help you out and suggest to you some best possible ways by which you can strike a conversation with your crush on Instagram! Check out some of these ways below.

1. Comment on their posts

Don’t make this a habit. Be sure to comment on their posts occasionally. You can compliment them or be a little flirtatious with them by using lots of emojis in your comments to show your interest in them.

2. Post the best pictures of yourself

To attract your crush’s attention, it is incredibly important to post cute pictures of yourself! They can any kind of pictures, as long as you look good in them.

3. Reply to their stories

The easiest way to start a conversation with someone on Instagram is to reply to their stories. You can easily slide into your crush’s DMs by replying to their story. But don’t sound too desperate while talking to them and be casual.

4. Write funny and flirty captions 

Be it with your posts or stories, try to write funny and flirty captions to capture your crush’s attention. While writing the caption, keep in mind that you want to write something that would make them want to message and talk to you.

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