7 amazing benefits of chewing neem regularly



Neem is a popular medicinal herb that has been a part of many home remedies since time immemorial.

All parts of the neem tree- leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots and bark have been used for the treatment of a large number of ailments in humans.

Today, neem plant is used as a popular ingredient in oral care, skin care, hair care and other products.

However, due to its bitter taste, many people find eating neem leaves as a challenge. Here are some amazing benefits of neem leaves that would make you love the taste too.

1. Controls diabetes

A decoction of neem leaves if consumed daily help in regulating blood sugar levels. The chemical components in neem leaves help in optimizing the insulin receptor function and ensure that the body is receiving appropriate amounts of insulin, which protects against the development of diabetes.

2. Cures acne

If you’re struggling with acne, neem is the best solution. Neem extract works to eliminate much of grease and bacteria that can exacerbate the condition. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, neem leaf is believed to relieve skin dryness, skin itchiness, redness, pimples and skin blemishes.

3. Oral health

Neem is a very common ingredient in oral health products in India. Its antibacterial qualities make it ideal for fighting germs in mouth and maintain the alkaline level of our saliva. Chewing neem twigs can help you control plaque and ward off cavities.

4. Removes dandruff

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of neem can help in treating dandruff. It also improves the health of your hair follicles and strengthens your hairs due to it antioxidant content.

5. Fights cancer

According to various studies, neem extracts can play a pivotal role in anti-cancer management and it also have the ability to induce cell death, inhibit cell proliferation, and boost your immunity.

6. Treats intestinal ulcers

Consuming neem leaves helps in reduction in inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Neem leaves also help in reducing ulcers and a wide range of other intestinal issues, such as constipation, bloating, and cramping if taken regularly.

7. Treats malaria

Neem is used to treat malaria fevers due to a component gedunin present in it. Consuming neem leaves is an acclaimed treatment of malaria symptoms and minimises the danger of the disease.

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