5 ways to track your weight loss progress



Hopping on the weighing scale three times a day is a common habit of those trying to shed kilos.

However, if you have just embarked on your weight loss journey then a weighing scale might not be an ideal way to track your progress.

Losing weight is much more than just dropping numbers on the scale. In fact, scale is better in helping you manage the weight, rather than losing it.

There are a lot of changes that take place in your body when you exercise daily and switch to healthy eating habits. These changes are a better parameter to track your weight loss and health goals.

Here are some other ways to track your progress without jumping on the weighing machine.

1. Use measuring tape

Go for the old-fashioned way to track your progress by measuring yourself with the help of a measuring tape. This can help to track accurately from where you are losing fat. In the beginning, you might not see changes in the number on the weighing scale. Measuring tape gives you the exact number and is the best option to track your progress if you are trying spot reduction or focus on some specific part of your body.

2. Measure your body fat

There is a difference between weight loss and fat loss. Losing fat is much more important than losing weight. How much fat you are losing can be easily tracked by using fat-measuring equipment. Just a little pinch can tell you a bit about your fat loss progress. Skinfold measurements help to estimate body fat percentage based on the amount of fat lying underneath the skin. It is more accurate than stepping on the scale.

3. ​Take some pictures

Sometimes, by looking into the mirror it is hard to see the changes in your body. Taking pictures and comparing them with your previous pictures can really help you see the difference. For accuracy, wear the same clothes, stand in the same pose and at the same place. This would keep you motivated and help you to see the changes taking place in your body. Try to do this every week.

4. Test your fitness

Losing weight should not only be your agenda. Getting fitter and healthier is a better approach. When trying to lose some kilos, test your fitness level to track your progress. Lift more weight, run an extra mile, add another set to your workout. If you are easily able to do them that means you are making progress and getting fitter.

5. Try to fit on your old clothes

Trying on your old clothes can also be an excellent way to track your progress. That favourite pair of jeans or that top that you loved and always wanted to wear again. This is the time to try them. It can be motivating to see it fitting better each time you try it on.

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