9 zodiac signs who are the greatest stalker



Stalking someone is something we all do on one level or the other. They may be an office colleague, a potential suitor, or an old school friend we haven’t met in a while.

If you are spending hours and hours on the internet stalking and keeping track of what a person posts or does online, you may seem to be a “creep” to many.

On the other hand, stalking someone you like to get a chance to talk to them, may seem “romantic” to some, “uncomfortable” to others.

Here is a look at the zodiac signs who are stalkers, read on find out.

1. Scorpio

Scorpios love fiercely. When they become infatuated with someone, they may have the highest chance of becoming a stalker. Being passionate, they might not think it through and come across as weird to people they are stalking, no matter how noble their intentions are.

2. Taurus

Taureans are stubborn in nature. If they decide they want to date someone, they will not give up until they have done everything to woo them, including stalking.

3. Cancer

Cancers like having deep emotional connection with people. They may feel strongly connected to people, even if they don’t feel so. This can make them act a little irrationally and stalker-like.

4. Pisces

When fascinated with someone, Pisces might behave stalker-like. This will result in them being a little more obsessive because they are so much in awe of the person.

5. Aries

Being straightforward and passionate, Aries might act like a stalker at times. This is because they are not afraid to hold back and their belief that being honest is the best way to go.

6. Libra

Libras are lovers, and don’t like being alone. This can make them act stalker-like at times, simply because of the reason that they always want company.

7. Leo

They are not huge stalkers, but can act possessive and controlling at times. However, this is more because of their nature of not wanting anyone to hold them back for anything.

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