Belly fat: 5 lifestyles habits that causes it



Getting rid of belly fat can be very difficult and also a concern to most people that always want to keep a good body shape.

The belly is the worst place to gain weight. It has a higher possibility of ruining your clothes and self-esteem, all in one go.

Asides it’s physical disadvantages, people with excess belly fat have an increased risk of health problems.

You might be wondering what you’re doing wrong for your belly fat to keep increasing. Well, you’re here to find out. Today’s article will highlight those day-to-day habits that increase your belly fat.

Starving yourself in a bid to become skinnier is an invitation for the fat cells to build a home in the belly as the body tends to store more calories. Depriving one’s body of food slows down the metabolism causing fewer calories to get burnt.

Like the rest of the body, the digestive system needs to go for rest when it sleeps. When you eat late at night, the body won’t burn all the calories it consumed with the possibility of acid reflux or indigestion.

If you’re not getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep, the belly is likely to expand. The body increases the production of the stress hormone called cortisol when it does not get the required amount of sleep. Cortisol causes sugar-cravings which leads to the consumption of many empty calories which causes the belly to bloat.

Sitting for eight hours at a desk without breaks means you’re losing out on a physical activity that can help you burn calories. It also decreases the activity of the fat-burning enzyme lipoprotein lipase. This eventually leads to a bloated belly.

5. Excess intake of alcohol

Studies have shown that alcohol suppresses fat burning and the excess calorie from alcohol are partly stored as belly fat. Hence, you hear the term “beer belly”. If you have that, then it’s time you cut down on the alcohol.

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