Master KG remembers begging a radio station for gig



It’s Throwback Thursday and Master KG takes us back memory lane when he used to beg people to get booked for shows.

On Twitter, the South African star shared a screenshot of a message he sent to a radio station named, Capricon FM.

In the message, the music producer begged that the radio station allow him come perform one of his hit songs which was trending as at then at their event.

“Throwback 2017! Never Give up Always Knock On Those Doors @CapriconFM,” KG captioned screeshot.

However, it seem there was no response from them.

Followers congratulated him over his huge success in the music industry, as he’s done begging for shows; but some persons are curious if the radio station responded to his message or not.

I’m sure they blue ticked you, and now they patiently wait for your manager as he checks your schedule. It’s true when they say “Never conclude a person by his present status because time has the great power to change a useless coal into a valuable Diamond,” a tweep said.

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