Somizi exposes an intruder in his home (Video)



Somizi has revealed his plans to leave his house after an intruder invaded his home.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared a video of the intruder ‘a rat’ which was wandering about his home.

Somizi however, broke into a song and sang, “OMG there’s a rat. There’s a rat in my house. And I’ve locked the door to the garage and I’m afraid of rats.”

The media personality sound really scared and nervous as he said he is leaving his house.

He said: “What am I going to do.”

The rat was hiding in the corner trying to escape the house. “How am I going to sleep in the same house with a rat roaming around. I left the townships trying to run away from rats.” Somizi added.

The rat then hid under his expensive SMEG fridge while Somgaga was trying to chase it out.

Watch video below:


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