5 things to always do even when your partner doesn’t ask



You don’t need to be told or reminded to do these things, especially when you intend your relationship to be a partnership in the real sense f it.

Sure, being open and letting your partner know what’s up is good and makes the whole process simpler.

But sometimes, women have needs that they may not open up to you about and it really wouldn’t hurt to know these things for yourself.

Here are 5 of such needs to never forget:

She probably wouldn’t ask for it, but she would truly love for you to help her around the house. Help with the chores, ask for what needs to be done, make sure to ask her if she needs help, keep an eye out for work around the house that needs to get done and do it for her. She might never speak about it, and really, she does not have to.

That’s your woman and you should never pass u the opportunity to compliment her. She waits for you to say sweet things to her, but she just never mentions it. Compliment her most lovingly and romantically possible.

You will likely not hear many women ask for it from their men, including yours. But the truth is a little PDA really won’t hurt and your woman will likely appreciate it. A little pat when you’re out, hold her hands here, kiss her cheek there. Public displays of affection will never go out of fashion. So don’t hesitate to give her some of that.

You will be surprised at how nasty some women want their men to get with them during sex. Don’t assume that your ‘prim and proper’ wife does not like things a little[or very] feisty in the bedroom. She might in fact like you to, you know, get really nasty and freaky with her, even if it’s from time to time. If you have to ask to be sure, then go ahead and do it. .

She wants you to say that you love her, at weird, random moments when no one would expect it.

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