8 incredible health benefits of drinking milk with dates



Food combinations come under an extremely popular diet and eating rules with amazing health benefits.

Among such food-combination diets, the benefits of eating dates with milk or particularly, eating dates soaked in milk are well documented in some studies.

Dates are dried fruits and a good source of vital antioxidants, mainly phenolics and carotenoids.

On the other hand, milk is rich in calcium, riboflavin, iron, vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, magnesium and vitamin D.

In this article, we will discuss some of the effective health benefits of dates soaked in milk. Take a look.

1. Erectile Dysfunction, Anemia, Nervous disease

Soak a good number of dates fruits for 24hours into a glass of milk. Add teaspoon of ginger, preferably grated, tip of a knife quantity of cardamon and saffron. Then eat and drink the drake milk mixture. To increase the potency, pour half glass of dates into 1 glass of milk and add 0.5 teaspoons of cinnamon. Keep for 24hours in a cool place. During the day drink dates milk and eat all dates fruit. Dates can be used in improving strength and combating anemia when used with walnuts.

2. Cough

Eating dates fruits with warm milk and honey can assist remove sputum and fight a chronic cough. It is also a best practice to boil 5-8 dates fruit in a glass of milk and drink the dates milk hot.

3. Constipation

Measure 500ml of milk, pour 5-8 dates fruit into it. Cook it as a compote, allow cool and brew. When this is nicely prepared, the next in line is intake of the bi-product. Drink 1 glass of the dates nutrition milk with dates fruits on an empty stomach in the morning. You can be surprised at the excellent breakfast you will be having by adding the remaining boiled dates to your morning porridge. Don’t forget to also drink milk with boiled dates, 5 of them would be enough before going to bed.

4. Hypertension

The course of treatment for hypertension with dates milk can go beyond 3Weeks Minimum. It is advisable if there are no contraindications to eat 50-70 dates fruit soaked in milk 30 minutes before morning meals. This procedure can be repeated after 2-3 weeks.

5. Insomnia, Nervous diseases, irritability

Eat 2-3 dates fruit at bedtime, drink them with warm milk.

6. Heart Pain and Arrhythmias

In the case of chest pain or increased heart, it is recommended to eat 2 dates fruit with 2 teaspoons of half a glass of milk mixed with honey.

7. Flatulence

This process will tenaciously assist you cope with the increased gas formation. All you need do is mix dates fruit crushed with ground black cumin in a 2:1 ratio and add to a milk glass. Drink the dates milk mixture all at same time.

8. Hangover

In a situation where alcohol action always goes overboard in the system, dates can also help you cope with intoxication. Soak dates in milk for a day. the resulting infusion and the softened fruits are to be used. This is also best recommended for individual coping with alcohol addiction.

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